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Pai Da Bang

Pai Da Bang Pai Da Bang
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Pai Da Stick

Healthy possession in one hand! Meridian Paida therapy: a traditional green therapy that can improve human blood circulation, promote metabolism, and enhance human immune function. Paida therapy has a wide range of clinical applications. It is a popular health care method in my country and can be applied to many diseases. Even many medically intractable diseases can achieve better results. This therapy is simple, easy to carry, easy to operate and effective. It can avoid the toxic and side effects of drugs and save medical expenses, so it has been widely circulated for a long time. Therapeutic effects are miraculous, but not mysterious, and it is a method that everyone can learn. It integrates acupuncture, massage, and bloodletting therapy, and you can understand it at a glance. Once learned, it will be effective once used, so it is very easy to popularize and benefit the whole people.



1. Why can Paida cure diseases?

Through patting, the metabolite ''Sha'' is excreted from the body through a series of complex biochemical processes to achieve the purpose of health care and self-cultivation. At the same time, this process enhances the body's ''self-immunity''. Therefore, medical experts further explored this method of health care and self-cultivation, and further combined it with the study of meridian and acupuncture for health care.


2. How to learn modern Paida?

The biggest feature of Paida therapy is that you can understand it at a glance, learn it, and use it, and practice makes perfect.


3. The skin can be cured. why?

The skin is an important organ of the human body. It is the boundary between the human body and the external environment, and the skin has the function of breathing. Defense function, secretion function, waste excretion function. After the skin is irritated by tapping. Sweat pores open, capillaries dilate, blood circulation is strengthened, and cells can be activated. Promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, improve microcirculation, accelerate waste excretion, detoxify and detoxify. Meridian theory believes that skin is closely related to meridians, limbs, five zang organs, six fu organs and nine orifices. After the skin is stimulated by tapping, the benign changes in the skin will cause a benign reaction in the whole body, enhance immunity and strengthen self-repair function, so as to achieve the purpose of health care and self-cultivation.


4. Does patting hurt in the end?

Under normal circumstances, there will be a little pain, and some people have very red shots, but they do not feel pain. It is also very comfortable, and some people feel pain when gently patted, mainly for two reasons. One is nervousness, and the other is the obstruction of the meridians. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that ''the general principle is no pain, and the pain is not clear''.


5. What is Paida?

The color of the photographed Sha is dark purple, which is Sha, and the healthy tissue will not be caused by the same force. Sha spots will appear on tissue or acupoint areas with diseased or latent disease. The disease or latent disease of the corresponding meridian and zang-fu organs can be judged according to the place where Sha emerges. The basic principle is: if you are sick, you will have Sha; if you are not sick, you will not have Sha; if you are seriously ill, you will have severe Sha; if you are lightly ill, you will have mild Sha.


6. How to use the shooting method to prevent disease and exercise?

Many beneficiaries of slapping concluded:

Clap the head: no blindness, no deafness.

Chest: Unobstructed trachea, less coughing.

Back: no bone growth, no waist pain

Limbs: The whole body is light, and the elderly walk as fast as the wind.

Face: No wrinkles. younger.

Bring the beat with you, and take a shot whenever you have time.


7. Why can detox?

Paida can activate sweat glands, through which toxic wastes are excreted from the body. Paida can improve microcirculation, activate cells, and decompose toxic wastes through a series of biochemical processes in the body.

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