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La Jin Deng 拉筋凳
9, Lorong 1, Jalan Dewani,
Off Jalan Tampoi, Majidee,
81100 Johor Bahru,
Johor, Malaysia.
(Ms. Emily/ Mr. Chong)
(Lis Chen)

La Jin Ban

La Jin Ban La Jin Ban La Jin Ban La Jin Ban
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La Jin Ban 

Introduction of the “La Jin Board”
The “La Jin Board” comes from an ancient Chinese type of foundation stands art (“mǎ bù”) usually for Chinese opera group training purposes. Nowadays, there are many types of stretching method, some high-tech, luxury etc. However the sole purpose is to stretch our legs muscles.
The La Jin Board produced by our company is economical and practical, suitable for the majority of people. Stretching your hamstring will indirectly stretch your Bladder. Bladder is our body’s largest detoxification organ. The tingling pain in your soles and pain in your acupoint “wěi zhōng xué”is interrelated which can enhance the body’s ability of detoxification and improve immunity.
In addition, stretching can help to improve your body’s “yang chi” and bloods flows.
La Jin Board functions and effect
  1. Whole body detoxification.
  2. Protect Liver, strengthen kidney, improves “zhēn qì” flows.
  3. Cool down your heatiness - “yǐnhuǒ guītián”.
  4. Strengthens your built, spine and chest, flatten your tummy
  5. This stretching method can loosen your ankle, calf, caudal, waist and neck muscle and together with “La Jin Deng” will produce great results.
  6. The tingling pain on your soles can massage “quánxí xué” deflection and will have de stress purpose.
How it works
  1. The Board has 3 different angles which are 15 degrees for beginners, 25 degrees for intermediate and 35 degrees for advance users which can stretch for 30 minutes without feeling pain.
  2. Stand up straight with your vision horizontal. Beginners can stand against the wall, relax your hand and breathe out with mouth and nose. Breathe naturally.
  3. Before stand on the board, drink a big gulp of warm water. Stands straight for 15 minutes. Those that are unable to make it, don’t worry. Step by step you can stretch to 30minutes considered good. After that, drink a cup of warm water to rehydrate your body because your sweats have excreted toxins from your body.
  4. We encourage you to stand straight and don’t sway. The idea based on pains can sensationalized your body and mind. Pain is also a type of meditation method.
  1. Children and pregnant women cannot do this. Best for children above 5 years old.
  2. Should not take shower 30 minutes before and after stretching.
  3. Do not wear socks while stretching.
  4. Do not stretch under a fan or air-condition room, if possible please wear a long pant to keep warm.
  5. Do not stretch after a meal, possibly after an hour.
  6. Beginners can stand against the wall in order to avoid your body to bend forward.
  7. Feel slight pain means ok. Slowly extend the time and increase the step by step in order not to strain your ligaments. This varies from person to person. No pain means no effect.
  8. This product is not a waterproof and sun proof.
  9. The Company will not be hold responsible for all damage caused by improper use and side effects.

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